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Established in 1986, IQon is a privately-run company that specialises in project and development management, construction management, lump sum contracting, and design and construct services in the ACT and surrounding NSW regions.

IQon’s strong and proven capability to undertake and deliver technically complex projects, building engineering services works, and project requiring unusual construction or engineering techniques, sets us apart form our competitors.

At IQon , our people are integral in the culture that we aspire to impart, through collaborative and professional dealings at all levels. Our culture is to empower excellence through strong leadership in delivering reliable outcomes through our team of experts.



Our Approach

At IQon, our top down culture of Leadership, Reliability and Expertise ensures that our team know what is required. We lead our teams through pro-active consultation along the path and correct performances by all participants as required to achieve the Safe, Quality Production standards set for our projects.