ANU Mt Stromlo Reconstruction

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Iqon was appointed as the Project Manager by the ANU to work with the existing consultant team and develop a concept design into a project which met the Client Brief and project budget. At the time of Iqon’s appointment the project brief was reconfirmed with consideration being given to the functional requirements, scope and available overall funding.

This project originated following the devastating January 2003 Canberra bushfires. Hence with a majority of the facilities destroyed in the bushfires this gave the opportunity for the ANU to reassess the interrelationships of the various research schools combining their required resources into a single purpose built facility.

This project comprised a GFA in excess of 4,000m2 and comprised laboratories, research facilities, administration areas, public areas, clean rooms and a integration and optics hall for the manufacture and assembly of elements for telescopes and satellite, and extensive landscaping and civil works.

The building was constructed on difficult site that required extensive rock excavation that needed to be carefully coordinated with users of other buildings that remained occupied during the construction phase. The building was constructed using a structural steel frame in filled with precast Ultrafloor panels and a combination of Bondor, Precast and Calzip façade elements. The integration of the various façade elements was particularly challenging as the Calzip product was very new to Australia and was required to be supported by a structural steel framework which as can been seen from the photographs above curved in 3 dimensions. Internally the building comprised traditional office fit out materials, but with the laboratory/research areas requiring a high standard of finish ensuring the integrity of the items such as telescope lens were not compromised.