Calvary Hospital Birthing Suites

Continuity Of Midwifery Care Services

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The Continuity of Midwifery Care Services (CMCS) project is a 200m2 refurbishment project completed at Calvary Hospital. The works comprised of the refurbishment of two (2) birthing suites, an assessment room, office, reception area, waiting / Lounge room & tea area all while the adjacent wards remained operational.

The programme for this project was extremely tight and required a thorough consideration towards the ordering of long lead time items such as the Birthing baths, medical panels, cardiac protected electrical equipment, vinyl and in general procurement of the subcontractors for the project.

As with all projects in operation hospital environments, staffing, materials handling, access, deliveries, service isolations and service cut in requirements were critical for the smooth progression of the works.

Management plans were developed in consultation and agreement with stakeholders and user adjacent to the work areas. These plans were successfully implemented and ensured the works ran smoothly and that the safety of the general public, patients and hospital staff was considered at all times.

Given risks associated with projects of this nature, the project was well managed and resulted in the project being completed without any incidents and any major interruptions to the hospital. The project was completed on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of the Client.