UC Building 3 Biomedical Laboratory

The University of Canberra

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The University of Canberra Building 3 Level D Biomedical Lab project involved the refurbishment of the Building 3X Level D wing into a new Biomedical Lab. This included two new open lab areas, multiple smaller lab areas (all requiring PC2 lab compliance), as well as offices and open student study areas.

The project included a large amount of complex service works which required consultation with stakeholders and adjacent users to ensure disruption was kept to a minimum and works continued to programme, as the works were completed in an operational environment. Many laboratories and rooms within the building required power and temperature to be maintained whilst service shutdowns were completed for the project, which were all managed closely to ensure there were no issues.

Programme for this project was tight and was maintained despite the difficulties faced with the latent conditions of an old building with many unknowns present.

With all the complexities of a project of this nature, the result was to a high quality, was delivered on time and on budget to the client’s satisfaction.